International Markets Business Unit

The International Markets Business Unit comprises the activities conducted by:

  • ČSOB and ČSOB Poist’ovňa in Slovakia
  • K&H Bank and K&H Insurance in Hungary
  • UBB and DZI Insurance in Bulgaria


Key data

Market position in 2023*
  Hungary Slovakia Bulgaria
Bank branches 195 99 228
Insurance network Various channels Various channels Various channels
Customers (millions) 1.6 0.8 2.2
Loan portfolio (in billions of EUR) 8 12 11
Deposits (in billions of EUR) 10 9 13
Market shares
- Bank products 11% 12% 19%
- Investment funds 11% 7% 14%
- Life insurance 3% 2% 32%

- Non-life insurance

7% 5% 12%

* Market shares and customer numbers: based on own estimates; when calculating the figure for customer numbers, account was taken of the overlap (roughly estimated) between the various companies in the group. Share for traditional bank products: average estimated market share for loans and deposits. Market share for life insurance: guaranteed-interest and unit-linked products (combined). 

Key financial data

Specific objectives

  • The group strategy presents a number of opportunities for all countries in the business unit, viz.:
    • To develop unique ‘bank-insurance+’ propositions.
    • To continue digitally upgrading our distribution model.
    • To drive up the volume of straight-through and scalable processing.
    • To increase the capacity in relation to data and AI to enable us to proactively offer relevant and personalised solutions.
    • To selectively expand our activities with a view to securing a top-three position in banking and insurance.
    • To implement a socially responsible approach in all countries, with a particular focus on environmental awareness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and health. To be a pioneer for sustainability in all countries.
  • Country-specific:
    • In Bulgaria we focus on the operational merger between UBB and the acquired Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria to create the leading bank in Bulgaria, including in the area of digitalisation and innovation, and the reference in bank-insurance in all segments. Our insurer, DZI, is likewise maintaining its goal of growing faster than the market in both life and non-life insurance.
    • In Hungary our focus lies on vigorous client acquisition in banking, to become the undisputed leader in the area of innovation. We also aim to expand our insurance activities substantially, primarily through sales at bank branches for life insurance and both online and via agents, brokers and bank branches for non-life insurance.
    • In Slovakia we aim to maintain our robust growth in strategic products (i.e. home loans, consumer finance, SME funding, leasing and insurance), partly through cross-selling to group clients and via digital channels. Other priorities include the sale of funds and increased fee income.

Last update:  24-05-2024