Our ambition

Our ambition: to be the reference in bank-insurance

Our business model

Although banking and insurance are our core businesses, we are more than just a bank and an insurer – we are a bank-insurer. With our integrated model, we can provide clients with more complete and relevant solutions and service in both banking and insurance products.

Our structure is also based on our model as an integrated bank-insurer, with the vast majority of our services being offered group-wide and the group being managed as an integrated unit.

Our markets

We operate in six core markets – Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Ireland.

Our strategy

Client-centricity is our primary focus. In a world going through rapid digitisation, this means, for example, being flexible enough to adapt to changing client requirements. We wish to offer our clients more user-friendly services through a wider range of channels, quicker service and a more proactive offering. Client-centricity is a basic condition of sustainable growth, along with cost efficiency, profitability of all services, and sound risk, capital and liquidity management. Fully understanding and staying close to our broad range of clients allows us to better serve their needs and so to really fulfil our role in the economy and society as a whole.

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Last update: 21-06-2017