Our brand

We aspire at being far more than a bank and an insurance: we want to enable and protect the dreams of our clients.

What we do, we do it so that others can grow and achieve their respective goals.

  • We listen to our retail clients and respond to their financial needs in simple way, while respecting human values and societal imperatives, so that they can live their dreams.
  • We cooperate with our business clients with an entrepreneurial attitude, we act as partners and create opportunities so that they can grow and develop in the long term
  • We drive local economies so that communities can further develop, we offer services to their citizens, opportunities for their young people
  • We are long term oriented and resilient, we fully endorse our responsibility in society, we are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, so that our current and future employees can live up to their values, live their professional aspirations and projects and develop their potential.


Our logo unites all companies of our group around strong common beliefs, enrooted in our PEARL culture

Our group personality is reflected in our logo : the blue swimmer.

Like a swimmer, we:

  • have a strong culture of performance : what we promise, we deliver
  • feel empowered and dare to jump into the flows
  • always go forward, and feel accountable for each result
  • are responsive, alert and agile
  • adapt to local realities, different types of water, also when the tide is rough


Last update: 14-02-2019