Our people

We’re convinced that it’s people who make the difference for our organisation.

The world around us is changing with lightning speed. New players are popping up all over our sector and our competitors haven’t been idle either. Ongoing digitisation means that our clients are altering their behaviour. They are asking for a different kind of banking and insurance. They want rapid and straightforward access to solutions tailored to their needs. In this new world, KBC wants to be the reference.

A rapidly changing environment calls for dynamic and creative employees who can respond to it smoothly. It also calls for new ways of working. We don’t know exactly what tomorrow’s workplace will look like, but it will certainly be different from today’s, and from that of the day after tomorrow.


We are on a journey to adapt and anticipate.

We put everything in place to:

  • respond to a fast changing world
  • anticipate the needs of our employees who help us be the reference in the market
  • attract innovative and agile people


Our PEARL+ culture is the framework for how we hire, guide and develop our people.

Our guiding principles for hiring, developing, and leading individuals and teams are directly connected to our PEARL imperatives and values:

  • we develop our people’s ability to always perform better
  • we encourage our people to innovate, regardless of their function and across departmental boundaries
  • we foster vertical and horizontal collaboration
  • we strive to reduce complexity
  • we exploit the richness of diversity
  • we develop a unique customer centricity mindset at all levels of our group
  • we encourage international exchange of best practices
  • our business culture : PEARL+


The way our people cooperate with each other is our strongest asset.

It supports our ambition to realise our corporate strategy. We put our focus on four pillars:

  • Company citizens: Our people adapt at all times to our fast changing world, and we give them the necessary support to develop this agility. We help them seek the job opportunities and assignments that help us move forward as a bank-insurer and make their lives meaningful.
  • Inspiring leaders: Our leaders inspire their teams so that they can outperform our competitors and grow as people. We know that only motivated teams will be able to perform at their best.
  • Honest reward: Rewards are with current society demands, reflecting real differences, and supporting new organisational needs.
  • Cooperative organisation: We reduce organisationally-induced waste, obstacles, complexity, incoherence and conflicts, so that we can all perform more efficiently.


What do our leaders think about our people strategy ?

KBC is people

"People are KBC, KBC is people. We talk about ourselves sometimes as an organization, but actually, if you think away of all the buildings and the furniture, what’s left are the employees. Employees interacting with each other, employees trying to build a dream that they have, with KBC"

We are a learning organisation with perspectives

"In a learning organization people need to be up and running. An experienced person needs to have the possibilities to deepen his or her experience and  expertise"

Giving people at all levels perspectives

"I really believe we need succession management at all levels. We give people perspectives, discuss about their future, talk about opportunities, about development, about ‘what could the future be for the company and for myself?"

We prepare for the future

"We have trainings for our employees, which will help them to make the step from a job that they do today to a job they will have to do tomorrow"


Last update: 15-12-2021