Setting rules and policies

Setting rules and policies

In order to guarantee sustainable, ethical and responsible behaviour on one hand and to limit our adverse impact on society on the other hand, we have implemented group wide policies and guidelines. These policies are bundled under our KBC Group Sustainability Policy Framework.

Responsible behaviour and Business ethics within our operations

Limiting our adverse impact

Our commitment to the environment

     KBC Group Environmental Policy - March 2019

KBC group Sustainability Policies

Human Rights, UN Global Compact and Modern Slavery Act

    KBC Group Policy on Human Rights - July 2021

    Declaration on Progress - UN Global Compact

    KBC Group Modern Slavery Act Statement - 2023

Blacklisted companies and activities

    KBC Group Policy on Blacklisted Companies - April 2023

    KBC Group Blacklist - update July 2024 

    Soft Commodity Policy - May 2014

    KBC Bank Embargo Policy - July 2023


    KBC Group Investment Policy

Controversial Regimes

    KBC policy on controversial regimes: please refer to our KBC Group Sustainaibility Policy Framework


    KBC Group Energy Policy - May 2024

Defense sector

    KBC Group Defense Sector Policy - March 2024

Mining operations

    KBC Group Mining Policy - June 2018

Animal welfare

    KBC Group Animal Welfare Statement - June 2018


    KBC Group Biodiversity Policy - May 2024 

Other socially sensitive sectors

    KBC policy on socially sensitive sectors: please refer to KBC Group Sustainaibility Policy Framework

Respecting our stakeholders