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Our culture

Our business culture is summed up in the acronym PEARL, where the letters stand for:

  • Performance:  what we promise, we deliver
  • Empowerment: we foster the creativity and talent of each individual employee
  • Accountability: we take personal responsibility towards  our clients, our colleagues, our shareholders, our communities
  • Responsiveness: we act  readily and sympathetically on suggestions, influences, appeals and efforts of our colleagues, management and clients
  • Local embeddedness : we embrace  the diversity of our teams and clients in the different core markets, and act accordingly.

The foundations for this culture are our three core values: to be respectful, responsive and results-driven.

  • Respectful : we treat people as being equal, we are transparent, we appreciate people for what they do and who they are, we trust people
  • Responsive : we anticipate and act readily and sympathetically on suggestions, influences appeals or efforts
  • Results-driven : we deliver what we promise, we meet objectives and deliver on line with the required time, cost and quality

Watch here how working at KBC feels like, with everyone sharing our PEARL culture


Our Culture - 0:53"