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Our Investor Relations team

Our Investor Relations team provides the investment community with the information they need by means of press releases, quarterly financial statements, annual reports, presentations, prospectuses, via the www.kbc.com website and so on. These sources are supplemented by direct communication with financial analysts, credit rating agencies, shareholders and investors via e-mail, group presentations, analyst conference calls, group presentations and one-on-one meetings around the world.
At the same time, Investor Relations monitors the relevant trends on the equity markets and the markets’ perceptions of and expectations with regard to the Group developments. By doing so, it ensures that investor feedback is communicated to the Group executives.

Located in KBC’s Brussels Head Office, the Investor Relations Office is one of the group's central management functions, reporting to the Group Chief Financial Officer. The team comprises seven people.



  • Send an e-mail to investor.relations@kbc.com along with your contact details (name, job title, phone/fax number, etc.).
  • Investors who want to receive news updates via e-mail can subscribe to our investor box (free of charge).
  • Printed copies of KBC's annual report (in English, Dutch or French) or our quarterly reports are available on request.
  • We are also on hand to provide other shareholder information (including information within the meaning of the Belgian Royal Decree of 14 November 2007).


Switchboard number

Contact our switchboard number: +32 (0)2 429 11 11



KBC Group
Investor Relations Office
Havenlaan 2 - IRO
B - 1080 Brussels

mail to investor.relations@kbc.com


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