Kurt De Baenst


  • Born in 1975 in Poperinge, Belgium
  • Holds a Master of ‘Economic Sciences’
  • Current function: Investor Relations Manager at KBC since March 2010 and Head of Investor Relations since January 2018, where he provides the investment community with the information they need by means of press releases, quarterly financial statements, presentations,…. These sources are supplemented by direct communication with financial analysts, shareholders and investors via e-mail, conference calls, group presentations and one-on-one meetings around the world. At the same time, he monitors the relevant trends on the equity markets and the markets’ perceptions of and expectations with regard to the Group developments. By doing so, he ensures that investor feedback is communicated to the Group executives.
  • Has been sell-side equity analyst covering the financial sector (a.o. KBC) for more than 10 years:  July 1999 - September 2000: Bank De Maertelaere; October 2000 - December 2004: Delta Lloyd Securities; January 2005 - March 2010: Fortis.
  • Tel: +32 2 429 3573
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