Katelijn Callewaert


  • Born in 1958, in Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Holds a Master's Degree in Law from the University of Ghent and a degree in fiscal sciences from the Fiscal College of Higher Education (Fiscale Hogeschool) in Brussels.
  • Ms Callewaert worked from 1981 until the end of 2014 at PwC Tax Consultants sccrl-bcvba, where she had been a director since 1991 and Tax Director Global Compliance Services. She also sat on the TLS (Tax and Legal Services) HR Board of PwC Tax Consultants, was a member of the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB-IEC), sat on various IAB-IEC committees and was a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and the Brabant Association of Fiscal and Accounting Professions (BAB Brabant). She also lectured at and was a member of the examination commission of the Fiscal College of Higher Education in Brussels. At present, she is executive director at Cera and KBC Ancora.
  • In the BoD of KBC Group: Non-executive director; Representative of core shareholders