KBC IFIMA S.A. (KBC IFIMA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBC Bank and was originally incorporated in the Netherlands on 15th April, 1982. On 31 December 2014 at midnight, KBC IFIMA changed its legal and commercial name, domicile, legal form and country of incorporation from KBC Internationale Financieringsmaatschappij N.V. to KBC IFIMA S.A., having its registered office at  4, Rue du Fort Wallis - L-2714 Luxembourg. KBC IFIMA is now incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a limited liability company under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. KBC IFIMA has an unlimited duration and operates under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

KBC IFIMA assists in the financing of the activities of companies belonging to the KBC Group by raising debt to be on-lent to KBC Bank and the other members of the KBC Group. The principal activity of the company consists of the administration of the notes issued and the loans made.

KBC IFIMA is managed by a Board of Directors of at least three members. The members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders.
In view of transparency regulations, please find below the most recent annual and semi-annual reports. For more information, please contact contactus@kbcifima.lu

Most recent version of the Articles of Association of KBC IFIMA S.A. (in French)


KBC Ifima annual and interim reports

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