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Seven Banks Plan Blockchain Platform to Help European SMEs Increase Trade

The award winning innovation will significantly simplify international trade transactions. KBC and 6 other banks have agreed in principle to develop a ground-breaking shared platform that aims to make domestic and cross-border commerce easier for European small and medium-size (SME) businesses by harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology. Read more.

KBC joins its clients in jumping aboard the digital express.

KBC clients are increasingly discovering the digital highway for a range of products including home loans, instalment loans and pension-savings funds. Testimony to the fact that KBC has become even more accessible and reachable for its clients in recent years. Read more.

If you need a business loan in 24 hours, KBC's the bank for you.

What people in business really want is to get the job done fast and without hassle, and to avoid getting tied up in paperwork. At KBC, we hear them loud and clear and are the first bank on the market to offer loans in 24 hours. We've streamlined the loan-decision process to the point where businesses can now get the funding they require within as little as 24 hours, through their KBC  Bank branch or partly using digital channels. Read more.

Digital signing capability proving popular with KBC clients

KBC clients have had the capability to digitally sign the documents for their home loan and related insurance (loan balance insurance and home insurance). More than 1 000 home projects have since been processed in this way. Business managers have ...
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KBC Bank Ireland and MyHome.ie first to launch mobile virtual video house viewings


KBC Bank Ireland has launched a new digital partnership with MyHome.ie to allow house hunters to take a virtual tour of properties up for sale.
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KBC K’Ching – a new-generation mobile banking app for young people

KBC today launched KBC K’Ching, a free smartphone app made specifically for young people that lets them carry out financial transactions, combining a high fun factor and attractive new look. The app was developed using the latest technologies and trends, including a chatbot which enables users to ask questions based on key words...
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KBC and ING working together on an integrated payment and loyalty solution in Belgium

ING and KBC have agreed on a strategic cooperation for launching a unique, combined payment and loyalty programme on the Belgian market. In doing so, they are responding to the rapidly changing digital experience of their customers.

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