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Bolero Crowdfunding launches first projects under new tax shelter

Bolero Crowdfunding has launched two crowdfunding campaigns falling under the new crowdfunding tax shelter: Dagvers and ArtAssistant.
The tax shelter allows investors tax relief when they invest in start-ups through a recognised crowdfunding platform. Bolero Crowdfunding is the first such Belgian crowdfunding platform to be recognised by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority).
In less than two weeks, Dagvers has already reached 80% of its target and ArtAssistant has clocked up 46%. Potential investors like the savings offered by the new tax shelter. Read more.

KBC Bank Ireland launches Apple Pay

KBC Bank Ireland launched Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay for goods and services that’s fast and convenient. This digital innovation is in direct response to customers’ needs as mobile and online usage by KBC customers rose by 74% in 2016.

KBC Bank Ireland continues to offer our clients the best in class digital solutions as we evolve into a digital- first client centric bank. KBC Bank Ireland is now the only bank in Ireland to offer both Android Pay and Apple Pay, which means greater choice in how consumers want to bank and shop. Read more.

MasterCard and CIBANK launch contactless ATMs

MasterCard and CIBANK have joined forces to launch the very first ATM in Bulgaria to accept contactless cards and devices. It offers MasterCard contactless cardholders an innovative, quick and safe way to withdraw cash and make cashless payments at CIBANK’s new generation of ATMs, regardless of bank that issued the card.
Peter Andronov, CIBANK CEO: ‘The rapid pace of contactless payments growth in Bulgaria is a sure sign that people embrace them as easy to use and really comfortable. So we decided to go a step forward in innovations introduction and to provide this convenience for customers who withdraw cash via contactless ATM. CIBANK launches the first contactless ATMs in Bulgaria because we believe in innovations that improve people quality of life.’
CIBANK is installing contactless ATMs in 21 branches in 13 cities around the country, with the intention being to extend this to 45 by the end of the year. Each of the new generation ATMs will be branded with a special contactless symbol and will contain instructions for users. For more on this story, read the press release on the CIBANK website.


KBC SmartHome: peace of mind when you’re out

We all worry sometimes when we’re outside the home... did we forget something that could cause a fire or water damage? To increase safety in the home, KBC is launching KBC SmartHome on 1 March in collaboration with fifthplay*. The new package consists of a smoke and a water detector, plus a gateway device to provide an internet connection. An app then warns the user if smoke or leaking water are detected. Householders can also use the app to turn appliances on and off using smart plugs, staying in touch with their home even when far away. Users can extend the package by adding further smoke, carbon monoxide and water detectors and smart plugs through fifthplay's online shop. The same platform is used to pay for the service itself, costing 209 euros (including a gateway device, smoke and water detectors, smartphone alerts, regular software updates, new features and remote support).

* fifthplay is a subsidiary of the NIKO group. This Belgian innovator and trendsetter in the smart home field is national market leader in electric plugs and sockets.


Seven Banks Plan Blockchain Platform to Help European SMEs Increase Trade

The award winning innovation will significantly simplify international trade transactions. KBC and 6 other banks have agreed in principle to develop a ground-breaking shared platform that aims to make domestic and cross-border commerce easier for European small and medium-size (SME) businesses by harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology. Read more.

KBC joins its clients in jumping aboard the digital express.

KBC clients are increasingly discovering the digital highway for a range of products including home loans, instalment loans and pension-savings funds. Testimony to the fact that KBC has become even more accessible and reachable for its clients in recent years. Read more.

If you need a business loan in 24 hours, KBC's the bank for you.

What people in business really want is to get the job done fast and without hassle, and to avoid getting tied up in paperwork. At KBC, we hear them loud and clear and are the first bank on the market to offer loans in 24 hours. We've streamlined the loan-decision process to the point where businesses can now get the funding they require within as little as 24 hours, through their KBC  Bank branch or partly using digital channels. Read more.

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