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Our business units

Management structure of the KBC Group

Our group is structured around three business units, which focus on the local business and are expected to contribute to sustainable earnings and growth.

The business units are Belgium, the Czech Republic and International Markets.

Belgium Business Unit

Belgium Business Unit

The Belgium Business Unit comprises the activities of KBC Bank NV and KBC Insurance NV, and their Belgian subsidiaries, such as CBC Banque, KBC Asset Management, KBC Lease Group (Belgium), KBC Securities and KBC Group Re.

Key data

KBC’s position in the Belgian market in 2016*

  • 716 bank branches
  • 427 insurance agencies
  • Estimated market share of 21% for traditional bank products, 33% for investment funds, 13% for life insurance and 9% for non-life insurance
  • 3.5 million customers
  • Loan portfolio of 96 billion euros and deposits & debt securities of 125 billion euros

* Market shares and customer numbers: based on own estimates. Share for traditional bank products: average estimated market share for loans and deposits. Market share for life insurance: incl. group insurance).


A unique bancassurance business model

  • Unique cooperation between our bank branches and insurance agencies in micro markets
  • Branches focus on bank and standard insurance products, and refer clients to the insurance agency in the same micro market for other insurance products
  • Insurance agencies sell the full range of insurance products and handle all claims, including those relating to policies taken out at a bank branch


Focus in the coming years : being closer to our clients, always and everywhere.

  • We will integrate our branch network with our other channels, transform our contact centres into advisory centres, and further develop a smart and simple website, mobile apps and ATMs.
  • We will exploit the potential of Brussels more efficiently. We launched a separate new brand, ‘KBC Brussels’, that reflects the capital’s special cosmopolitan character and meets the needs of local people there more effectively.
  • We will expand our presence in Wallonia, we want to use CBC to further tap potential growth in bank-insurance in specific market segments. We intend to expand our presence in Wallonia and our accessibility and service provision there by opening new insurance agencies and bank branches and relocating some existing branches.
  • We will continue to optimise the bank-insurance model in Belgium. We expect our bank-insurance income to grow by, on average, more than 5% annually in the years ahead, partly through the provision of digital solutions and bank-insurance initiatives for specific target groups.
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