Our vision on customer centricity

To be the reference and succeed in the long term, we need to earn and keep our clients’ trust day after day. To do so, we put our clients at the heart of what we do. We proactively offer them complete, convenient and hence relevant solutions and an optimal experience.

Everything we do is guided by:

  • Trust
  • Covenience
  • Proactivity

To make a difference compared to our competitors, we focus on an integrated customer centric model. The combination of products, processes, distribution channels, external partnerships and relevant information allows us to offer meaningful and complete solutions to our clients.


How we put our clients at the center of everything we do

We start everything from the needs of our clients

We want to create added value for our clients by accurately meeting th clients’ needs in terms of financial products. Therefore, everything at KBC is based on the client's needs and not on our banking or insurance products and services. It is also the client who chooses how and when products and services are provided and through which distribution channel. That's why the different channels are accorded equal status at KBC and need to seamlessly complement and reinforce each other.

We protect our clients from certain risks

We want not only to respond to our clients’ needs, but also to shield them from certain risks. As a bank, we are working in each of our core markets, for instance, on solutions for clients who need to get through a difficult financial period. As an insurer, our focus is firmly on prevention, health and safety, with a variety of prevention campaigns being launched throughout the year.

We constantly listen to the market and analyse how we can improve

Since putting the interests of our clients at the centre of all we do is the cornerstone of our strategy, we want to be able to keep a close eye on the situation. That is why we are collecting their experiences in the various markets in which we are active and using that information to improve our services and products.

Differently, the next level 

In recent years, KBC has taken enormous steps in the digital transformation of its business, both in the company itself and in the way it serves its customers and responds flexibly to their rapidly changing needs and expectations. 
In light of fast-changing customer expectations, we reassessed our group's ‘More of the same, but differently’ strategy at the end of 2019 and identified where our focus should lie in the years ahead. With ‘Differently: the Next Level’, we're continuing down our chosen route, but are now shifting up a gear. 
KBC always puts its customers first, and by implementing this new strategy it is taking its bank-insurance services and customer experience to an even higher level. As starting point, we continue to invest in our digital applications and our traditional brick-and-mortar bank branches and insurance agencies. With the support of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, we can work solution-driven to proactively make life easier for our customers. As from the end of November/start of December 2020, retail customers in Belgium and the Czech Republic who wish to do so can use the services of their personal, fully digital assistant, Kate. By rolling out Kate, KBC is taking a giant step forward in the service it provides to its customers, whereby making their life easier becomes the leitmotiv. Kate is a core element of a disruptive business strategy that has an impact on all products and processes, as well as on how we steer our organisation and interact with our customers.
The way in which our customer experiences our services is strongly influenced by the speed and simplicity with which we can serve them. Therefore, now more than ever, our internal processes are being revamped on the basis of end-to-end processing and short, fast decision-making processes. All these steps will enable our group to develop at an accelerated pace into a data-driven and solution-driven digital-first bank-insurance company. KBC will remain focused on sustainable and profitable growth, enabling it from a standalone perspective to play its role in society and the local economy to the full to the benefit of all stakeholders, and to maintain its place among the best performing and most trusted financial institutions in Europe.  

We constantly work on improving the experience of our clients

The targets we set ourselves are naturally intended to raise the general level of client satisfaction, but we also want them to make everyone at our group aware of our client approach. Putting the client at the centre of all we do has to be in our DNA and must be part of our everyday routine.

The most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to client satisfaction are set out in the table below. Effective results per KPI can be found in the annual report.

KPI What Guidance
Customer NPS ranking Based on weighted average of ranking in six core countries. Remain ‘the reference’ (top-2 score at group level).
% Digital sales

% digital sales for bank and for insurance products, based on
weighted average of selected core products

  • Digital sales ≥ 40% of bank sales by end 2023
  • Digital sales ≥ 25% of insurance sales by end 2023
STP score (straight through processing)

The STP score is based on analysis of core commercial products. 
The STP ratio measures how many of the services that can be offered
digitally are processed without any human intervention,
and this from the moment of interaction by a customer until the final approval by KBC.
STP potential measures what the STP rate would be if KBC would only have the digital channel in its interaction with customers for a given process or product.

  • STP ≥ 60% by end 2023
  • STP potential ≥ 80% by end 2023

Last update: 18-11-2020