The core of our strategy: our vision

KBC is a group of more than 40 000 talented employees in different countries who work together and share a common culture.

Our culture is the fertile and energizing soil on which we build our strategy, consisting of 4 cornerstones, interacting with each other:

  • We strive to offer our clients an unique bank-insurance experience
  • We develop our group with a long term perspective and therefore achieve sustainable and profitable growth
  • We put our clients’ interests at the heart of what we do and strive to offer them at all times a high quality service and relevant solutions
  • We assume our role in society and local economies

We are convinced that our strategy - powered by our culture and with the contribution of our people–helps us earn, keep and grow trust day by day and therefore makes us become the reference in our core markets.

How our four priorities interact with each other

Being both a bank and an insurer, we know our clients well. Consequently we have a better insight into their behaviour and needs and we can offer them a complete product offer pro-actively.

By doing so, we build trust and inspire loyalty, which ensures sustainable and profitable growth. Putting clients at the heart of what we do, further building our core bank-insurance business, while respecting risk, capital and liquidity boundaries, is therefore a driver of long term and sustainable growth.

Sustainable and profitable growth in its turn allows us to further invest in offering future oriented solutions, adding value to our clients, and strengthen our bank-insurance model.

Fully understanding and staying close to our broad range of customers allow us to better serve their needs and thereby to really fulfill our role in the economy and society at large.

Last update: 14-12-2023