Title Subject Date Download
KBC and Antwerp Diamond Bank react to Lazare Kaplan International claim 25-12-2011 PDF
KBC repays EUR 500 million to Belgian Federal Government 23-12-2011 PDF
KBC implements new Climate Change Policy 22-12-2011 PDF
Disclosure pursuant to transparency legislation in relation to notifications KBC Group 09-12-2011 PDF
KBC Bank already meets 9% Core Tier-1 threshold in the EBA capital exercise 08-12-2011 PDF
KBC launches ‘KBC-Home Project’ 29-11-2011 PDF
Earnings Statement KBC Group, 3Q 2011 10-11-2011 PDF
KBC Bank has given investors additional comfort on bond loans: KBC Ifima 5-5-5 and KBC Group 5-5-5 08-11-2011 PDF
KBC/CBC launches scashing – a first on the Belgian market 07-11-2011 PDF
KBC continues to work on (process) efficiency and internal optimisation 28-10-2011 PDF
KBC Bank meets new EBA capital target 27-10-2011 PDF
J.C. Flowers & Co. acquires Fidea (Belgium) from the KBC group 17-10-2011 PDF
KBC clarifies early redemption of CDOs 11-10-2011 PDF
Precision Capital acquires KBL epb,KBC’s private banking subsidiary 10-10-2011 PDF
KBC launches tender offer on DZI Insurance (Bulgaria) 05-10-2011 PDF
Green loans, the end of a successstory? 03-10-2011 PDF
KBC launches a new generation Mobile Banking app 19-09-2011 PDF
Value Partners Ltd. closes acquisition of KBC Asset Management NV’s stake in KBC Concord (Taiwan) 10-08-2011 PDF
Earnings Statement KBC Group, 2Q 2011 and 1H 2011 09-08-2011 PDF
New owners for KBC Securities in Serbia and Romania 03-08-2011 PDF
KBC Group receives approval from European Commission to amend its 2009 strategic plan 27-07-2011 PDF
KBC Bank Capital Update - EU WideStress Test Results 15-07-2011 PDF
KBC Group formally applies to European Commission to amend its 2009 strategic plan 13-07-2011 PDF
Crédit Agricole Group (Belgium) and KBC Group NV finalise sale of Centea 01-07-2011 PDF
KBC Securities launches KBC Securities Trader 01-07-2011 PDF
KBC: ongoing implementation of strategic plan 01-06-2011 PDF
The Court of Cassation has confirmed the decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal which declared proceedings related to the KBC/KBL case as inadmissible 31-05-2011 PDF
Acerta buys KBC’s administrative building at Diestsepoort in Leuven 23-05-2011 PDF
Earnings statement KBC Group, 1Q2011 12-05-2011 PDF
Judge presiding over interlocutory proceedings rules in case filed by individual shareholder againstKBC 02-05-2011 PDF
Value Partners Ltd. acquires KBC Asset Management NV’s 55.46% stake in KBC Concord (Taiwan) 19-04-2011 PDF
KBC decides on variable remuneration 08-04-2011 PDF
Update on the Embedded Value of the Life insurance business 01-04-2011 PDF
Sale of KBL epb to Hinduja Group will not go through 15-03-2011 PDF
Crédit Agricole (Belgium) acquires CENTEA from the KBC group 04-03-2011 PDF
Appointment to the Executive Committee of KBC Group NV 02-03-2011 PDF
KBC statement on irregularities at KBC Lease UK 10-02-2011 PDF
Court rules on CDO dispute between Van de Velde NV and KBC 10-02-2011 PDF
Earnings Statement KBC Group, 4Q 2010 and FY 2010 10-02-2011 PDF
The University of Antwerp and KBC are to establish a chair in financial risk management 08-02-2011 PDF
KBC opens twin data centre near Budapest 26-01-2011 PDF
Jan Huyghebaert to step down as Chairman of the KBC Group Board of Directors and be replaced by Thomas Leysen 20-01-2011 PDF
KBC trading update on 4Q10 results 06-01-2011 PDF
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