Financial guidance at KBC Group level


The table provides an overview of KBC Group’s financial guidance.

Financial guidance   By
CAGR total income ± 6,0% (GAGR 2022-2025)


CAGR exploitation costs excl. banking tax ± 1,8% (GAGR 2022-2025)


Combined ratio ≤ 92%


Dividend payout ratio (incl. coupon paid on AT1) ≥ 50% -
Credit cost ratio 25-30 basis points through the cycle
Regulatory requirements or own target   By
Common equity tier-1 ratio* Overall capital requirement 11,31%
Each year, the Board of Directors decides on the distribution to shareholders of capital in excess of a 15.0% fully loaded common equity ratio.
MREL ratio ≥ 27.87% RWA (’24)
 ≥ 7.38% LRE (’24)
NSFR ≥ 100% -
LCR ≥ 100% -

* Fully loaded, Danish compromise

The dividend policy entails:

  • A payout ratio (i.e. dividend + AT1 coupon) of at least 50% of the consolidated profit of the accounting year
  • An interim dividend of 1 euro per share (payable in November of the accounting year) as an advance of the total dividend for the accounting year 

In addition, from 2022 onwards, in addition to the distribution ratio of 50% of consolidated earnings, the Board of Directors will make a decision each year (when the annual results are announced), at its discretion, to distribute to shareholders any capital in excess of a 15.0% fully loaded common equity ratio. 

Financial guidance versus achievements

Financial guidance - achievements  
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Last update: 03-04-2023