Information regarding the General Meeting(s) of 06 May 2021

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Minutes of the General Meeting(s) Download
Written questions from shareholders Download
Information                                                                                     01 April 2021  
Agenda/convening notice Download  
Draft resolutions and comments of the Board of Directors with regard
to items on the agenda
2020 Annual Report (containing the consolidated annual accounts and accompanying 
auditor’s report; the combined annual report of the
Board of Directors)

The company annual accounts for 2020 and accompanying 
auditor’s report

Remuneration policy as referred to in Article 7:89/1 of the Companies
and Associations Code
Report of the Board of Directors drawn up in accordance with
Article 7:154 of the Companies and Associations Code with respect
 to the proposed modification of the object
Proxy forms for shareholders Download
Number of shares/voting rights* on 01 April 2021 416694558

Additional information on the right of shareholders to add new items 
to the agenda and to table draft resolutions on items included or to be
included on the agenda, and additional information on
the right of shareholders to ask questions

Lumi user guides Download

* The voting rights attached to the  treasury shares held by the subsidiaries of KBC Group NV are suspended. (861 on 1 April 2021).

Last update: 18-05-2021

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