General Meetings of 3 May 2012

Annual General Meeting Download
Extraordinary General Meeting Download
Information 3 April 2012
Agenda/convening notice* Download
2011 Annual Report
(containing the consolidated financial statements and accompanying auditor’s report; the combined report of the Board of Directors)
The company annual accounts for 2011 and accompanying auditor’s report Download

Proxy form Download
Number of shares/voting rights** on 3 April 2012 357 980 313
Additional information on the right of shareholders to put items on the agenda and to table draft resolutions for items included or to be included on the agenda, and additional information on the right of shareholders to ask questions Download

* Draft resolutions for the items on the agenda of the General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting, or – if an item on the agenda does not require a resolution – comments by the Board of Directors (Article 533bis §2, first paragraph, d) of the Belgian Companies Code): see the agenda in the convening notice.
** The voting rights attached to the 18 169 054 treasury shares (dd. 3 April 2012) held by KBC Group NV and its subsidiaries are suspended.