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Behaving responsibly and ethically at KBC

We consider responsible behaviour and business ethics as the basic layer of all our activities. We are convinced that only by acting in a responsible and ethical way we can grow and maintain the trust of our stakeholders, which is the foundation of our continuing existence.

When carrying out our activities, it is evidence we respect prevailing laws and regulations, but we also impose stringent rules on ourselves in terms of ethical behaviour, openness and transparency, discretion and privacy.

Responsible behaviour

Responsible behaviour is the basic layer of sustainability at KBC. In order to maintain and grow trust, it is of utmost importance that we behave responsibly in everything we do, at all layers of the organisation, each and every day. KBC therefore considers responsible behaviour as absolutely necessary to successfully implement an effective and credible sustainability strategy. This means that the mindset of all KBC-staff should go beyond regulation and compliance. As client centricity lies at the heart of our corporate reference strategy, we also specifically focus on responsible selling and providing responsible advice.

The basic principles are embedded into our Pearl values of Respect for our clients, colleagues, society and KBC itself, together with our Responsive and Result-driven spirit.

The foundation of responsible behaviour is integrity, which entails honesty, correctness, transparency and confidentiality, combined with a sound risk awareness.

Special attention is being paid towards training and awareness. An internal programme is being set up relating to a number of areas, including professional integrity, providing suitable advice to the client and dilemma training.

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