Share buy-back 2018

General information

17 May 2018: KBC Group NV is set to launch a share buyback programme for the purpose of cancelling the shares. An agent has been mandated to purchase up to 2 700 000 own shares on behalf of KBC Group NV on NYSE Euronext Brussels’ regulated market, from 22 May 2018 until 30 September 2018, for a maximum amount of 220 million euros. The shares will be bought back under the conditions specified in the authorisation granted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 3 May 2018. Under it, the Board of Directors is authorised to repurchase 2 700 000 own shares under certain conditions, at a price that may not be lower than 1 euro or higher than 110% of the last closing price on Euronext Brussels prior to the date of acquisition. The timing of share repurchases under this programme depends on a variety of factors, including market conditions. During the course of the programme, the company will regularly inform the market about the purchased shares in accordance with the applicable regulations (see below).

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