Our view on sustainability

We take a much broader view of sustainability than environmental or social impact alone. We want to go further in our corporate social responsibility: we strive to create shared value with all our stakeholders.

Sustainability to us is all about KBC’s ongoing and independent ability as a bank-insurer to meet the needs of society and the expectations of all our stakeholders, whether they be our clients, investors, government, shareholders or, of course, our employees.

We are convinced that by pursuing our banking and insurance operations in a sustainable and socially responsible way, we can build on the trust of our stakeholders and enhance our competitive position. This will enable us in turn to create the sustainable and profitable growth we need if we are to go on meeting society’s changing needs and requirements. 

Sustainability to KBC as a bank-insurer means that we are able to - without external support - respond to the needs of society and the expectations of all our stakeholders: our customers, investors, governments, shareholders and of course our employees.

Sustainability is not part of a separate strategy, but is instead integrated into our overall corporate strategy that is based on four pillars:

  • We place our clients at the centre of everything we do
  • We look to offer our clients a unique bank-insurance experience
  • We focus on our group’s long-term development and aim in that way to achieve sustainable and profitable growth
  • We take our responsibility towards society and local economies very seriously

We have translated our sustainability strategy into the following cornerstones:


The cornerstones of our corporate sustainability strategy

For more information please refer to the 'Corporate Sustainability' section.

See also our Corporate website - sustainability

Last update: 29-03-2016
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