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KBC discloses new ECB capital requirements. KBC's capital remains well above the minimum requirements PDF (261 KB)
Fourth-quarter result of 621 million euros PDF (453 KB)
KBC endorses Febelfin quality standard for sustainable investment PDF (151 KB)
KBC/CBC customers now able to invest within their comfort zone with CoZI PDF (190 KB)
KBC offers certainty on home loans in just ten minutes. PDF (227 KB)
KBC to call Additional Tier-1 (AT1) securities it issued in 2014 PDF (166 KB)
KBC Corporate Banking signs cooperation agreement with two Belgian fintechs PDF (169 KB)
Online applications for car finance almost double in the space of one year, with 67% of all applications at KBC/KBC Brussels/CBC now being made online. PDF (239 KB)
Volume of savings increases further at KBC/CBC, rising to 41.95 billion euros PDF (198 KB)