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Alain Bostoen (JPG 166 KB) Board of Directors
Sonja De Becker (JPG 178 KB)  Board of Directors    
Franky Depickere (JPG 199 KB)   Board of Directors
Frank Donck (JPG 170 KB) Board of Directors
Daniel Falque (JPG 150 KB)Executive Committee
Luc Gijsens (JPG 197 KB) Executive Committee
John Hollows (JPG 157 KB) Executive Committee
Julia Kírály (JPG 219 KB) Board of Directors
Thomas Leysen (JPG 182 KB) Chairman of the Board of Directors
Valerie Papirnik (JPG 191 KB)Board of Directors
Luc Popelier (JPG 146 KB) Executive Committee
Theo Roussis (JPG 148 KB) Board of Directors
Johan Thijs (JPG 165 KB) Executive Committee
Christine Van Rijsseghem (JPG 184 KB) Executive Committee
Philippe Vlerick (JPG 171 KB) Board of Directors
Marc Wittemans (JPG 165 KB) Board of Directors




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