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Our structure

Our group structure

We have aligned the governance of our group with our strategic choices and our business model, and have ensured that this structure supports effective decision-making and individual accountability.

Our group is essentially structured around three business units, which focus on the local business and are expected to contribute to sustainable earnings and growth. The business units are Belgium, the Czech Republic and International Markets.

List of companies belonging to the group

The KBC group's legal structure has one single entity – KBC Group NV – in control of two underlying companies, viz. KBC Bank NV and KBC Insurance NV, each of which has several subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries.

Complete list of companies included in or excluded from the scope of consolidation and associated companies  
Scope of consolidation
31 December 2018 list of companies (XLS 126 KB)
31 December 2017 list of companies (XLS 125 KB)
31 December 2016 list of companies (XLS 124 KB)
31 December 2015 list of companies (XLS 123 KB)
31 December 2014 list of companies (XLS 119 KB)
31 December 2013 list of companies (XLS 116 KB)
31 December 2012 list of companies (XLS 123 KB)
31 December 2011 list of companies (XLS 151 KB)
31 December 2010 list of companies (XLS 152 KB)
31 December 2009 list of companies (XLS 167 KB)
31 December 2008 list of companies (XLS 171 KB)
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