KBC Green Bond

The sustainability strategy of KBC is oriented towards real societal needs and the corresponding UN Sustainable Development Goals.

KBC has strong ambitions to increase its positive impact on society and the environment. We also apply strict sustainability policies and exclusionary criteria to its business activities in respect of human rights, business ethics, the environment and sensitive or controversial societal issues.
Besides our approach towards Socially Responsible Investments, we believe issuing green bonds will contribute to the development of a sustainable financial market and diversifying our investor base.

In its Green Bond Framework 2018, KBC identified 7 categories which are aligned with the Green Bond Principles 2017.

In November 2023, KBC has amended its Green Bond Framework with updated eligibility criteria, aligned with the ICMA Green Bond Principles 2021 and further aligning it to the criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities, including in the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act (June 2021).

KBC Green Bonds can be issued under the KBC Green Bond Framework via KBC Group NV, KBC Bank NV or any of its other subsidiaries.

Updated Green bond framework 2023

Green Bonds issuance under GBF 2018 information

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Last update: 02-04-2024