Residual Balances

Current Accounts

We previously wrote to KBC Current Account customers advising of the closure of their Current Account and how to reclaim any outstanding credit balance. We advised that if customers did not reclaim these funds from KBC, we would transfer funds to Bank of Ireland on the 3rd November 2023. The transfer of these funds to Bank of Ireland has now completed and Bank of Ireland will hold the funds on customers behalf.

If you wish to reclaim these funds you can visit Bank of Ireland’s website for advice on how to reclaim these funds, or alternatively you can call into any Bank of Ireland Branch with a copy of the letter from KBC confirming the transfer of your funds.

Credit Cards

If you had a KBC Credit Card with a credit balance that did not migrate to Bank of Ireland, you will have been contacted by KBC to advise you of that credit balance and to seek an instruction from you to return your funds.

KBC Bank Ireland Regulatory Status
KBC Bank Ireland DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland Registered in the Republic of Ireland. Number 40537 Registered Office: Sandwith Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

KBC Bank NV Dublin Branch Regulatory Status
KBC Bank NV Dublin Branch with registered office at Sandwith Street, Dublin 2 with registration number 904213. KBC Bank NV Dublin Branch is licenced by the National Bank of Belgium in Belgium and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.