KPI Outcome 2019 Outcome 2018 Outcome 2017
Position in SRI funds:
  • 10 billion euros by year-end 2020
  • 14 billion euros by year-end 2021
  • 20 billion euros by year-end 2025
12 bn euros 9 bn euros

7.1 bn euros

Own greenhouse gas emissions (excluding commuter travel):

  • reduction of at least 25% between 2015 and 2020 (absolute and per FTE)
  • reduction of at least 50% by 2030 compared to 2015 (absolute and per FTE)
  • reduction of at least 65% between 2015 and 2040 (absolute and per FTE)
2015-2019 result: -50% (absolute) and -48% (per FTE) 2015-2018 result: -37.6% (absolute) and -36.6% (per FTE)

2015-2017 result: -28.9% (absolute) and -28.2% (per FTE)

Own green electricity consumption:

  • 90% green electricity by 2030
83% 78% 74%

Renewable energy loans:

  • share of renewable energy sources and biofuels in the energy-sector loan portfolio ≥ 50% in 2030
56.8% 43.8% 41.2%

Financing of coal-related activities:

  • reduce financing of coal sector and coal-fired power generation to zero by 20231
36 million euros remaining 34 million euros remaining 87 million euros remaining

1 We exclude oil, gas and coal extraction and oil and coal-fired power generation. ČSOB in the Czech Republic will be the sole and temporary exception to this with regard to the financing of ecological improvements to coal-fired, centrally-controlled heating networks. Detailed information on this matter is provided in the KBC Energy Policy, which is available at KBC will continue to review its policy on coal in 2020 as part of its strengthened climate ambition and the new commitments entered into in this regard in 2019. This could broaden the scope of reporting in the future. Figures exclude UBB in Bulgaria.

Last update: 29-03-2019
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