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Making a difference for society

In order to boost the positive impact we have on society, we have identified five focus domains in which we can create added value and respond to actual societal needs. We want to create this added value by developing innovative business solutions in each of those domains, with a specific focus on those aspects where a bank-insurer can really make a difference.

Financial literacy Environmental responsibility Entrepreneurship Longevity

People are living longer, which is obviously a reason to celebrate. It also means, however, that we need to adjust our policy and our range of products and services. We are preparing ourselves for the new society, where at least one client in three is aged over 60 and our employees too will have to work for longer. Grey is the new colour.

Please find below some concrete examples:

  • Organising Digi Tuesday, a range of free courses that familiarise clients with digital trends and make them aware of their convenience and possibilities.
  • Launch by ČSOB in the Czech Republic of the online portal ‘Don’t get lost in old age’ in collaboration with the Sue Ryder Home advisory centre.
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