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KBC Brand logos

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The logo is available in colour and in both PNG* and EPS** file format to enable you to integrate it into your communications. Click on the icon next to the name of the company whose logo you want to download.

*PNG files
PNG files are easy to edit with regular software (e.g., Office applications). In practice, the editing of such files will probably be limited to reducing the size of the logo. Therefore, the logo in a PNG file is large. You can reduce it to the desired format without losing any quality.

**EPS files
EPS files are intended for organisations that use a graphics company to produce their printed matter. They can only be edited using specialised graphics software. They cannot be viewed in regular software! Graphics companies have experience with this type of file and will be able to work with it.

Brand logos
KBC .jpg .png .eps
KBC Insurance .jpg .png .eps
KBC Verzekeringen .jpg .png .eps
KBC Assurances .jpg .png .eps
KBC Versicherungen .jpg .png .eps
KBC Autolease .jpg .png .eps
KBC Asset Management .jpg .png .eps
KBC Brussels .jpg .png .eps
KBC Commercial Finance .jpg .png .eps
KBC Consumer Finance .jpg .png .eps
KBC Corporate Banking .jpg .png .eps
KBC Financial Products .jpg .png .eps
KBC ICT Services .jpg .png .eps
KBC Lease .jpg .png .eps
KBC Private Banking .jpg .png .eps
KBC Private Equity .jpg .png .eps
KBC Securities .jpg .png .eps
CBC .jpg .png .eps
CBC Verzekeringen .jpg .png .eps
CBC Assurances .jpg .png .eps
CBC Versicherungen .jpg .png .eps
CBC Banque Privée .jpg .png .eps
ADD (the insurance architects) .jpg .png .eps
VAB .jpg .png .eps
CIBANK .jpg .png .eps
CIBANK .jpg .png .eps
DZI Insurance .jpg .png .eps
UBB .jpg .png .eps
K&H .jpg .png .eps
KBC Ireland .jpg .png .eps
KBC Finance Ireland .jpg .png .eps
KBC Homeloans .jpg .png .eps
KBC Structured Finance .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Slovakia .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Poistovna .jpg .png .eps
NLB Life .jpg .png .eps
Czech Republic
CSOB Bank .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Leasing .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Penzijni Fund .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Pojist'ovna (insurance) .jpg .png .eps
CSOB Stavebna Sporitelna .jpg .png .eps