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Making a difference for society

In order to boost the positive impact we have on society, we have identified five focus domains in which we can create added value and respond to actual societal needs. We want to create this added value by developing innovative business solutions in each of those domains, with a specific focus on those aspects where a bank-insurer can really make a difference.

Financial literacy Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility to us means continuing to reduce our own environmental footprint and creating a variety of initiatives and targets to achieve that. It also means, however, taking further steps to develop business solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.

Please find below some concrete examples:

  • Issuing the first green bond and SRI pension savings fund in Belgium.
  • Expanding multi-mobility at KBC Autolease, including the development of bicycle leasing for companies.
  • Providing the Home Energy Checker in Belgium, an online tool that generates an overview of appropriate energy-saving measures for homes.
  • Collaboration between the insurer DZI in Bulgaria and SPARK, the first car-share firm with electric vehicles in Sofia.
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