External partnerships

Our external partnership are:

The Shift

The Shift is a Belgian Sustainability network that in cooperation with its members and partners aims at realising the transition towards a more sustainable society and economy. 


An independent agency that provides advice on energy-efficiency solutions to businesses in their transition to become more

Horizon 2050

Being important societal actors, Cera and KBC organise a series of lectures on various societal challenges regarding environment, demography, geopolitics, economic development, social inequality, North-South , …

The Horizon 2050 lectures contribute to the societal debate and offers a broad group of stakeholders inspiring insights on the societal relevant issues.  

Leuven 2030

KBC supports the organisation Leuven Klimaatneutraal 2030, which launches campaigns and projects  that will help the city of Leuven to become carbon-neutral by 2030.


An organisation affiliated to the city of Antwerp for the implementation of climate mitigation measures, primarily focused on buildings


The Flemish spearhead cluster of companies, authorities and knowledge institutions for energy transition

De Blauwe Cluster

The spearhead cluster for activities at sea


Cera and KBC continue their partnership with BRS, which was founded more than 20 years ago as the “Belgian Raiffeisenstichting”. BRS supports microfinance and micro-insurance projects in the South to help sustainably improve the quality of life of the poorer population in the South. Not merely with cash, but more specifically with advice and in a dialogue with the stakeholders.