Entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and economic growth go hand in hand at KBC. Entrepreneurship is in our genes, and by supporting innovative ideas and projects, we can contribute to economic growth, which is one of our fundamental objectives.

Please find below some concrete examples:

  • We support start-ups and scale-ups (entrepreneurs and companies) through our award-winning incubator programmes at Start it @KBC communities in Belgium, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Within these communities, we provide product development and investment support, mentoring and workshops to budding businesses. These Start it communities also have dedicated programmes to help women go into business. 
  • 'The Family Business Knowledge Centre' website helps Hungarian owners of family businesses with, among other things, succession planning, sustainability and innovation.
  • partnership with BRS, which supports microfinance and microinsurance businesses in the Southern Hemisphere
  • supporting local initiatives through the Bolero crowdfunding platform