Our employees


KBC Group has a total of 41 000 employees. We see them as one of the main stakeholders of our group, our biggest asset and our main driving force. We therefore want to create a working environment that attracts high-quality employees while motivating them to stay with KBC for the long term.

Creating an attractive, safe and healthy working environment

We focus on creating and maintaining an attractive, safe and healthy working environment where people feel safe, are free to speak up and able to grow.

Moreover, KBC highly values the mental and physical health and well-being of its employees. We pay special attention to creating a healthy and safe working environment that does not negatively affect the health and well-being of our employees. We are also strongly committed to preventing excessive stress at work which can cause burnout.

Finally, we want to ensure that our employees receive fair compensation for their efforts. We therefore offer all our employees an attractive and balanced reward package, including variable remuneration.

Developing the talents of our employees

From onboarding to end of career, we want to give every employee the space they need to develop their talents and creativity. KBC has several tools in place to continuously enable its employees to develop their personal and professional skills, improve their performance and explore their leadership abilities.

  • In place of annual appraisals, employees’ progression is continuously reviewed through our  dynamic Performance and Progression Management system.
  • We have created digital platforms for supporting our employees in all our core countries to develop their skillsets and to be ready for current and future roles and functions. The most advanced platform is called StiPPLE – an acronym for Skills to improve Performance Progression Learning and Employability.
  • We deploy leadership development programmes for our current and future leaders. 
  • We also work on easing our colleagues’ transition towards the end of their employment at KBC. 

Improving the work experience of our people

We want to be in touch with the sentiments, needs and views of our employees, and adapt our organisation accordingly. We therefore listen to our employees carefully by regularly conducting employee engagement surveys. We also invest in regular social dialogue with employee representatives.

Diversity and inclusion

We want to create a diverse and inclusive working environment. Our diversity approach is strongly rooted in the value of Respect. This means that we treat all our people equally in all circumstances and that we want every employee to feel recognised and empowered and to have equal opportunities. We further specify our approach towards these values in our Diversity policy. Within this policy, we focus particularly on gender diversity. For example, we prioritise equal pay  for equal work, ensuring fairness in compensation across roles and career levels. Moreover, the KBC Group Code of Conduct sets out guidelines on how we do things at KBC and informs our staff of the key behaviours that we expect from all group employees.

Staff numbers

Number of staff, KBC Group

31-12-2023 31-12-2022 31-12-2021
In headcount 41 265 41 947 40 428
In FTEs 38 678 39 288 37 207


Numbers in % (based on FTE)




37% 39%
Central & Eastern Europe


60% 57%
Rest of the world


4% 4%




43% 44%


57% 56%




84% 83%


16% 17%

For more information on our people indicators we refer to the KBC Group Sustainability report.