Photo Luc Popelier

Luc Popelier


  • Born in 1964, in Wilrijk, Belgium
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics (UFSIA)
  • Joined company in 1988
  • Career: 1988: Various commercial functions in corporate banking, Kredietbank; 1995: Associate Director Credit Risk Management, Warburg Dillen Read, London; 1996: Director Corporate Finance, Leveraged Finance Group, SBC Warburg; 1999: Executive Director Corporate Finance, KBC Securities; 2002: General manager Strategy and Expansion Division, KBC Group; 2008: General manager Trade Finance Division, KBC Bank; 2009: Member of the Executive Committee of KBC Asset Management; 2009: Member of the Executive Committee of KBC Group; CEO of the market activities of the Merchant Banking Business Unit; 2011: Group Chief Financial Officer;  2017 CEO of the International Markets Business Unit of KBC Group; 2021: Group Chief Financial Officer