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General meeting

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Information regarding the General Meetings of 2 May 2013

General Meeting of 2 May 2013
Annual General Meeting   (PDF 145 KB)
Extraordinary General Meeting (in Dutch)   (PDF 515 KB)
Written questions from shareholders   (PDF 338 KB)
Information 2 April 2013
Agenda/convening notice   (PDF 59 KB)
Draft resolution for each agenda item, or the comments of the Board of Directors if the proposed item does not require a resolution   (PDF 24 KB)
2012 Annual Report
(containing the consolidated annual accounts and accompanying auditor’s report; the combined annual report of the Board of Directors)
  (PDF 6.32 MB)
The company annual accounts for 2012 and accompanying auditor’s report   (PDF 112 KB)  (PDF 670 KB)
Merger proposal regarding the merger between KBC Group NV and KBC Global Services NV   (PDF 24 KB)
Report of the Board of Directors on the renewal of its authorisation to increase the share capital   (PDF 24 KB)
Proxy forms for shareholders and bondholders   (PDF 218 KB) (PDF 42 KB)
Number of shares/voting rights* on 2 April 2013 416 967 355
Additional information on the right of shareholders to add new items to the agenda and to table draft resolutions on items included or to be included on the agenda, and additional information on the right of shareholders to ask questions   (PDF 12 KB)

 * The voting rights attached to the 302 treasury shares held by the subsidiaries of KBC Group NV are suspended.

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